Learn about introduction to polynomials

Last updated : 30 April 2024, Tuesday

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Basic Definitions

  • Term definition – A term is a constant or product of constant and one or more variables
    • Degree of term is exponent of its variable, example, in 4b2, degree of term 4b2 is 2
  • Monomial is of the form axm where a is constant and m is whole number, so monomial contains only 1 term. Example: 4, 4b2
  • A monomial or sum and/or difference of monomial is called Polynomial. Example: 4y2 – 7y + 2
    • Degree of polynomial is highest degree of all its terms. In above example degree of polynomial 4y2 – 7y + 2 is 2
  • Binomial contains 2 terms, example, 3a-7
  • Trinomial contains 3 terms, example, x2-5x+6

Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying Polynomials

  • Addition, Subtraction of polynomials involves identifying like terms, then rearranging to get like terms together and then combining like terms
multiplying polynomials