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Batches starting from

10 June

unipolaris academy provides NIOS online tuition for Maths and Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology) subjects with the following benefits:

Qualified and Experienced NIOS Online Tutors with pen tablet

Small Batch Sizes and One to One teacher to student ratio options

Regular Assignments and their evaluation

Core books followed are official study material provided on NIOS website

Regular Doubts Resolution

Recording after the live class is provided in a folder for revision

Focus is on clearing the basics of the student

Personal Attention to the Student

Free Live Demo offered before Parent and student decides to go for regular classes

Classes/Grades covered and Subjects Offered

We cover classes from 6 to 12 with Maths and Science subjects for classes 6 to 10 and Maths, Applied Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology for Classes 11 and 12.

Who are the teachers

The teachers at unipolaris academy are online means they deliver their lectures from their home. The teachers are part time online tutors who are well qualified and experienced in their respective subjects. The teachers have pen tablet for instruction so that they can explain the concepts in well versed manner

For whom unipolaris NIOS online tuition courses are?

The courses are for students who are serious about studies and would like to understand the concepts of the subject in a detailed way with the help of a dedicated online tutor thus helping them save time and efforts if they would have learned the subjects on their own. While going through the core study material provided by NIOS board, students might face difficulty in understanding concepts and solving questions. We exist to solve this problem/challenge of not getting the concepts right by the students which may lead to poor academic performance and thus leading to a less lucrative career as prominent institutions look for academic performance of the student while taking admission in their courses. A live online tutor also understands the student problem and helps guide and mentor the student through the academic challenges faced by the student