CBSE Online Class 9 Science

unipolaris academy provides personalised and interactive cbse online classes for class 9 science in one to one teacher to student ratio

cbse online class 9 science

We enrol qualified and experienced CBSE Online Class 9 Science Tutors with pen tablet. The tutors have good command over Science and have fluent communication skills

Regular Assignments are given and their evaluation is done timely

Questions complementing school curriculum AND MCQs(Multiple choice questions), VSA (Very Short Answers)(SA-I), SA(Short Answers)(SA-II) & LA(Long Answer), Case based/Passage based questions are given for practice and solved along with students

Core books followed are NCERT and NCERT exemplar as their content is made by experts and it is necessary to complete them for clearing basics

Regular Doubts Resolution – Doubts of the students are cleared before moving on to the next concepts

Recording after the live class is provided in a folder for revision purpose so that student can go through concepts again if they are not able to understand in the live class

Focus is on clearing the basics of the student as once the basics are cleared they can build upon the basics to solve higher order problems

Personal Attention to the Student for focused learning – Personal attention is given to the student as teacher asks questions regularly during the live class thus enabling the teacher to understand the comprehension level of the student

Free Live Demo offered before Parent and student decides to go for regular classes

Three Classes in a week, 12 classes in a month, extra classes can be conducted according to requirement

Expert Online Tuition Classes

Experience the best in online education with our specialised Science tutors for Grade 9. Our virtual classrooms bring learning to life, no matter where you are.

Personalised Attention

With one to one teacher to student ratio individual attention, we ensure that each student’s unique learning needs are met, fostering a deeper understanding of Science concepts

Experienced Online Tutors

Our tutors are not just subject experts, but are also skilled in online teaching methodologies, making complex topics accessible and understandable for all students

Regular Assessments and Feedback

Through continuous online assessments and detailed feedback, we track each student’s progress, helping them to improve and excel in their studies.

Concepts covered in CBSE Online Class 9 Science Course

Matter in Our Surroundings

  • Physical Nature of Matter
  • Characteristics of Particles of Matter
  • States of Matter
  • Can Matter Change its State?
  • Evaporation

Is Matter Around Us Pure?

  • What is a Mixture?
  • What is a Solution?
  • Physical and Chemical Changes
  • What are the Types of Pure Substances?

Atoms and Molecules

  • Laws of Chemical Combination
  • What is an Atom?
  • What is a Molecule?
  • Writing Chemical Formulae
  • Molecular Mass

Structure of the atom

  • Charged Particles in Matter
  • The Structure of an Atom
  • How are Electrons Distributed in Different Orbits (Shells)?
  • Valency
  • Atomic Number and Mass Number
  • Isotopes

The Fundamental Unit of Life

  • What are Living Organisms Made Up of?
  • What is a Cell Made Up of
  • What is the Structural Organisation of a Cell?


  • Are Plants and Animals Made of Same Types of Tissues?
  • Plant Tissues
  • Animal Tissues


  • Describing Motion
  • Measuring the Rate of Motion
  • Rate of Change of Velocity
  • Graphical Representation of Motion
  • Uniform Circular Motion

Force and Laws of Motion

  • Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
  • First Law of Motion
  • Inertia and Mass
  • Second Law of Motion
  • Third Law of Motion
  • Conservation of Momentum


  • Gravitation
  • Free Fall
  • Mass
  • Weight
  • Thrust and Pressure
  • Archimedes’ Principle
  • Relative Density

Work and Energy

  • Work
  • Energy
  • Rate of Doing Work


  • Production of Sound
  • Propagation of Sound
  • Reflection of Sound
  • Range of Hearing
  • Applications of Ultrasound

Improvement in Food Resources

  • Improvement in Crop Yields
  • Animal Husbandry

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